Monday, December 27, 2004


JEXE JEXE is simple Wrapper program that runs any Java application without having the user issue commands everytime.
[Note: This program is available for free]


Developed By: Kamran Zafar

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Demon [Network Discovery & Management]

Demon is an ICMP and SNMP based Network Discovery and Management software. This software is a part of a research done on Topology discovery of a Managed Network. [Note: Customized versions of this software are for sale]

Designed and Developed By: Kamran Zafar, Kashif
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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Cardex [Cardiac Expert System]

CardEx is an Expert System made to diagnose heart patients on the basis of their medical history, clinical investigation & ECG/EKG. Special algorithms were developed to implement the rules & semantics which were designed with the help of Heart Specialists(Doctors). A special database termed as ‘rulebase’ was also designed to hold all the rules & patient information.
[Note: Customized versions of this software are for sale]

Designed & Developed By: Kamran, Khurram & Kashif
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XDataGrid Component

XDataGrid is a simple Open Source .NET DataGrid like component written in java that supports multiple table views and binds with a very flexible XDataSet(.NET DataSet like) with XML generation capability. XDataSet in version-1.0 also can be built using XML, which supports definition of multiple tables. [Note: This component is distributed under GPL]

WINNER of Softpedia 100% clean award


Designed & Developed By: Kamran Zafar