Thursday, September 14, 2006


JCL JCL (Jar Class Loader) is a simple Java API that loads classes from JAR files. It uses custom class loaders to load classes from JAR files enabling multiple versions of the same class file loaded eliminating ambiguity when each version is used by the application.
[Note: This project is distributed under GPL]


Designed & Developed By: Kamran Zafar


HuGo said...

Sorry, can I make you a question? I'm using JCL and I want to load two or more .jars in the same JCL Class Loader, can I do that?

Is for an application with modules, and I need to update some module (a jar), but I really don't know if in different class Loaders a class in a jar can see a class in another jar (all .jars are loaded by a JclJarClassLoader)

Do you have any idea of this?

Thank you :)

Kamran said...

Yes you can load as may jars as you want.. there are different constructors available in the JarClassLoader class that you can use to do that..