Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wink 1.3 released

Wink1.3 Latest version of wink keylogger is now avaliable.
[Note: This software is available for free]

5 Stars Award

Wink received a 5 stars award

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Anonymous said...

hey i downloaded it and was wondering how to uninstall it cool software by the way im goin to use it over our home network for the kids: plz email uninstall instructions to

Anonymous said...

how do i use it?

Anonymous said...

to remove this keylogger click start, run, then type msconfig. on the startup tap scroll down until you find hylbxlt and czzsqdn, for both of these, uncheck the check box. if your task manager stopped working like mine did download this program which will fix it for you

That should sort the keylogger and task manager loss for you.

Anonymous said...

to undo the file sharing, right click on a drive then click 'sharing and security' in aabout the middle of the properties box there shud be some blue writing saying something in the region of 'share this drive' click this and then click yes on everything that comes up. now u shud be able to uncheck 'share this folder on the network' and then everything shud be fine. anymore help email

Kamran Zafar said...

It is not as simple to uninstall... I have written an uninstall document... follow the steps to remove it from the system...


Anonymous said...

I install wink1.3 but i cant uninstall anymore.i follow the previous guide but doesnt work.please email me the instruction how to uninstall wink1.3 at thank you

JP Letnick said...

I downloaded this program but I don't understand how it works. How can I get it to send me the log information to my e-mail and also.

How do I uninstall it from my computer? The guide doesn't work for 1.3

Please e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

avg anti virus will stop wink 1.3 from sharing your drives

Kamran Zafar said...

Download an approprate system tool (from this blog) to enable taskmanager and regedit... Im am writing removal guide for 1.3.. it will be there on the blog soon