Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hotfusion 0.9.2 released

Hotfusion 0.9.2 is released with NEW Features, visit homepage for more details.
New Release Highlights:
 - Encryption of bound files
 - Silent registration of dll and ocx files

Hotfusion: A powerful exe joiner & file binder tool

Designed & Developed by Kamran


kamran said...

kamran can you pls tell me how to change the background theme of my blog or what is the best place to make a free website with short domian

Wizard said...

i can't use the binder because i have nod32 antivirus and i receive this message when i try to execute the final .exe file (where are combined the other 2 exe files): name.exe is not a valid win32 application :( what can i do? i quit nod32 monitoring, i close the antivirus, i uninstalled and nothing. the same error. what can i do ? thanks

Kamran Zafar said...

What OS are you using? Some users had problems while running the bound exe on Vista International edition. It could be an OS incompatibility issue.

Anonymous said...

Please help me. I really need to use this program, but the files that I have bound just won't start. I know I have done everything right, my friend does absolutely the same and the files work for him. The files I create, however, don't do anything when clicked just blink and that's it.

kamran said...

plz go to the hotfusion forum, post the question, may be someone has faced and resolved this issue before.